BRD Single Cover 09 (background).jpg


BRD Single Cover 09 (background).jpg

Wanna get new scuffs on these old soles…


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On August 28th, Los Angeles based Brassroots District welcomes the release of their new single “These Feet Ain’t Got No Body” with the help of a far out and funky animation by Finland based artist JonesAndYou.

"We want people to know they can come to a Brassroots District experience by themselves and get down.” explains frontman Copper Jones. “You don't need nobody to have a good time! Ursa and I are big fans of Saturday morning cartoons and we worked with our brother Jones from Helsinki to make this video look like our favorite shows we watch on the boob tube."

Brassroots District is not a band. It's an idea. A musical collective. A respite from negativity. It's a space where freaks and businessmen, weirdos and stiffs come together for a night of unadulterated joy. To dance, sing, smoke, drink and make good, good love. 

BRD’s last concert experience in April at the Moroccan Lounge did not disappoint. A ten member funk ensemble delivering their piéce de résistance complete with embellishments like dancers, signature cocktails, polaroids, and a big ol’ Soul Train line. As it’s become commonplace at Brassroots District concert experiences, protestors showed up with IMPEACH NIXON signs with chants breaking out over the course of the night. Everyone came dressed to impress with the hottest looks of 1973. Rumor has it that the local drug dealer was prowling the crowd, handing out signature joints to concert denizens. The Creem Magazine reporter in attendance wrote “Brassroots District is flying in where Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell left off” 

Brassroots District’s front man, Copper Jones and front woman, Ursa Major met while their respective tours intersected in New Orleans. Their paths crossed at Preservation Hall just off Bourbon Street. Jones was busking out front while Major performed in the Hall. Jones was making such a ruckus that it was disturbing the ticketed show inside. Instead of asking Jones to find a different spot to busk, Major invited Jones in to join the band and they performed Sly and the Family Stone's “Family Affair.” Once back in LA, Copper Jones and Ursa Major formed Brassroots District to spread the magic of New Orleans, the pulse of LA and the power of community.

Brassroots District welcomes you to funk out 1973 with a pulsating heart, unhinged mind and electric soul.

BRD Single Cover 09 (background).jpg

These two feet they got a mind of their own 
Don’t need direction they know where to go
Wanna get new scuffs on these old soles 
Making ground in my home town 

Where sticky wet heat slicks the concrete 
But it ain’t gonna stop them from moving 

These feet ain’t got no body
These feet ain’t got no one
These feet ain’t got no body
But these feet still know how to have fun

2nd street and Figuro’
Liberate and lift my soul 
Cast from the street lamps someone else wants this dance
But who is anyone when i got moves
Solo down in my home town 

No running out the clock got this on lock 
Ain’t gonna stop them from moving 

These feet ain’t got no body
These feet ain’t got no one
These feet ain’t got no body
But these feet still know how to have fun

Oh Oh 
Got no body
Ain’t got no body


Written by Ari Seth Herstand, Proud Honeybee Music (ASCAP) and Brett Nolan, Brett Nolan Publishing Company (ASCAP)

Vocals: Copper Jones, Ursa Major
Background Vocals: Elliot Yamin, Brett Nolan
Guitars: Copper Jones
Bass: Andrew Perusi 
Drums: Rob Humphreys
Piano / Organ: Luke Miller
Additional keys: Brett Nolan 
Trumpet: Philip Lassiter 
Trombone: Chris Johnson
Saxophones: Danny Janklow
Percussion: Damon Grant
Additional Percussion: Rob Humphreys, Brett Nolan, Copper Jones
Horn Arrangements: Brett Nolan, Copper Jones

BRD Single Cover 09 (background).jpg



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